What sets group therapy services at the Trust Center above other

The Early Intervention Department and the Special Needs Department

are distinguished by providing group therapy services

and serving a limited number of children at one time. Usually, the style of work varies

according to different goals, as well as  using different playing method

as a diagnostic and therapeutic method.

It is used for pre-school rehabilitation and integrating some cases

that benefit from joining the appropriate group to develop their skills

skills and through the formation of mixed groups and taking into consideration different levels

to raise  level of students' skills through social interaction and taking into consideration

the lack of negative influence from some cases and providing effective activities to teach children

different social skills and learning through the collaborator.

What is the gain of interactive group therapy?

1- Group therapy sessions simulate the child's natural world situations
 through guided play with friends.

2- An opportunity to develop children's relationships with each other
when they meet again and again.

3- Practicing learning social skills such as initiating conversations
, following instructions, respecting the role while playing and sharing with each other.

4- Realizing that they are not alone When children meet each other,
who face the same challenges, they may realize that they are not the only ones
 facing those challenges.

5- An opportunity to encourage and raise the motivation to learn,
as they may recognize the error in movement and the words of another child
and easily identify their own problem, which helps them to correct their own problems.

6- One of the benefits of group therapy is that it enables group therapists
 to discover many of their own talents and abilities.

7- The child is qualified within the individual program for individual sessions

8- The child's awareness of himself and his behavior within the group is increased.

9- Treating many cases of withdrawal disorders, antisocial and those who
have problems of poor social interaction.

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