The program is concerned with the early abandonment of cases affected by weak social interaction - speech and speech problems - developmental delay - behavioral problems and hyperactivity and movement - cases of autism - and cases of special needs with all their problems in order to ensure their development in all areas after studying and identifying their problems and working with an integrated team and the participation of the guardian in a plan student work .


The program is concerned with all special cases and is prepared to suit a specific case, in light of the results of measuring its current level of performance in terms of its strengths and weaknesses. Individual curriculum for the case of special needs separately.


First: Evaluations and tests to measure current performance:


1- These tests and measures provide two types of information (descriptive information and quantitative information).

2- It works to provide a picture of the skills that the student succeeds in performing, and represents his strengths and skills that he fails to perform, and represents his weaknesses.

3- Enable specialists to prepare objectives derived from the paragraphs that the student fails to perform.

4- Specialists can, through the use of tests, verify the effectiveness of the training methods used in implementing those goals when comparing the student's performance on the items he failed in before and after the education process.


Second: Preparation of the individual educational plan:


It is a plan designed specifically for a specific case in order to meet its educational needs so that it includes all the objectives expected to be achieved according to certain criteria and in a specific period of time.


- Actual translation of measurement and evaluation to find out the strengths and weaknesses.

A written document to integrate the efforts of specialists to train and develop the case.

- It works on preparing annual programs for the student in light of his actual needs.

- Conducting continuous evaluation and selecting services in light of the evaluation.

Determining the responsibilities of each specialist in the implementation of special educational services.

Involve parents as members of a multidisciplinary team.


The center’s services are represented in individual sessions by specialized special education specialists (developing skills in the areas of development, independence, speech and communication, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, group therapy, and vocational training).
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