• It is specialized in working by the early intervention specialist and individual sessions (communication - occupational - developmental skills development - physical therapy - psychomotor - pre-academic - academic) and group work sessions so as not to affect the behavior of cases within the same group and to ensure effective group interaction in childhood. The first is in pre-school age and the development of complex skills for directing the body, sitting, standing, walking, running and balance, in addition to the development of verbal skills, speech, urine control and acceptable eating habits to support the child in adapting to the environment in addition to developing his mental, linguistic and social abilities.

• Also, the early intervention program works to change the behavior of children in special cases, and this change in behavior may be represented by increasing the level of the child's independence, improving his abilities, acquiring new behavioral patterns that he was not able to perform, and developing his growth rates, whether in terms of cognitive, linguistic, kinetic, social and emotional .


The program is concerned with the early abandonment of cases affected by weak social interaction - speech and speech problems - developmental delay - behavioral problems and hyperactivity and movement - cases of autism - and cases of special needs with all their problems in order to ensure their development in all areas after studying and identifying their problems and working with an integrated team and the participation of the guardian in a plan student work .

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