Physio therapy

Physiotherapist works with all ages and all motor problems, to provide the appropriate care and training aiming for acquiring or maintaining motor functions or developing and improving motor skills. The physiotherapist focuses on what people with motor disabilities can do through their own plans to help them to reach their goals

Speech Therapy

Trust Center is characterized by therapeutic intervention sessions for adult cases who have difficulty in pronouncing some letters, as it may occur suddenly due to injuries to the brain, nervous system, or other pathological conditions

group therapy

The Early Intervention Department and the Special Needs Department are distinguished by providing group therapy services and serving a limited number of children at one time

Sensory Integration

The sensory systems are the gateways to the brain and body. Our senses make it possible to learn about life around us. The brain must understand various sensory information from the body and the environment to respond to events, pay attention, learn, teach, plan and organize. This process is called "sensory integration"

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occupational therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) helps children become as independent as possible in all areas of their lives, so that they can complete daily tasks and living skills that are important for them.

Behavioral therapy

A therapeutic approach that is provided through behavioral laws and learning theories in therapy to control and modify pathological and undesirable behaviors.

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