understand the difficulties that children and adults face in speaking 
and language pronunciations .Whether in Arabic or English, taking in consideration
the mother accent of the spoken language .We offer assessment and treatment solutions to
identify the difficulties they face and ways of treatment ,The
evaluation process begins with a comprehensive examination of the development
of receptive language, expressive language, and abstract sounds,
 and the examination of members of the speech
system done by specialists accredited by Hamad Medical Corporation ,so
developing a comprehensive and integrated plan and program aiming of developing and
improving linguistic performance, and working as an integrated team with
parents’ participation to get best results.

Speech and Language Therapy for children:

What are the benefits of early treatment intervention of speech problems?

If you notice any signs of speech difficulties, proceed with assessment as soon as possible.

There are many benefits of early intervention:

1-Delaying in starting treatment may contribute to further delays in other developmental skills and lengthening the time needed to achieve age-appropriate communication. Starting early, while the child is still more receptive, will have the best benefit in his or her development.

2- The early intervention program helps in treatment of the delay by improving the child's performance and reducing the gap separating him from his chronological age.

3- The early intervention program enables the child to learn compensatory strategies that contribute to a better life for him.

4- Helping parents to overcome the challenges facing their child and providing the necessary training and advice, which would essentially activate the role of parents

Does your child suffer speech and language problems?

There are many disorders that many cases suffer from, such as: Childhood Apraxia - Dysphasia - Voice disorders - Stuttering - Language-based learning difficulties - Language delay. It is possible to treat language and speech disorders in early childhood. It is very important to establish basic communication skills before school.

What are the warning signs that call for early intervention?

1. The child does not show any reaction to sounds in the first 3 months of his life.

2. Not babbling and not making any sounds until the age of 10 months.

3. There are no suggestions to communicate with others, such as: using the sign to get something within 12 months.

4. Not understanding simple commands such as: “bring your ball” up to 18 months.

5. Doesn't role play like feeding his toy up to 18 months old.

6. Does not use single words: “Mama, Daddy, Me” up to 21 months.

7. Does not understand a variety of concepts such as: “big, small, up, down” up to 36 months.

8. Cannot combine 2 to 3 words to form a simple sentence, such as: “Daddy slept” around 27 months old.

9. The listener finds it difficult to understand what the child is saying up to 3 years old.

10. Inability to answer questions such as: “who, when, how, and where”, within 3-4 years.

11. Making many errors in the structure of the sentence and the use of verbs and pronouns within 5 years.

Treatment of speech and language problems in adults

The Trust Center is characterized by therapeutic intervention sessions for adult cases who have difficulty in pronouncing some letters, as it may occur suddenly due to injuries to the brain, nervous system, or other pathological conditions. Cannot pronounce words correctly, or finds it difficult to pronounce some letters, or pronounces letters in an unclear manner.

Problems experienced by adults and can speech and language pathologists intervene?

1- Language disorder due to brain injury

2- Speech disorders in adults (apraxia of speech - dysarthria - stuttering - speed of speech)

3- Voice disorders (spastic dysphonia)

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