School Integrating Program

The comprehensive educational integrating program believes in the difference of the other and that each person has his own capabilities and that he can learn, but in different ways in which he can show up, regardless of his differences. The following are strategies for working by the program:


The program is organized in cooperation with private schools for ordinary students in  Qatar, which includes a special section for people with special needs

- Prepare the integrating and training teacher individually with the same case by the Trust Center.

-Putting students in the appropriate classes (mixed groups) in the school, and the classes are selected in an appropriate organization by the school administration.

- Planning and implementing appropriate strategies by the Trust Center (educational evaluation - educational individual program - classroom control rules - educational environment - planning within the classroom - plan and schedules - play - appropriate curriculum strategies)

Modify the curriculum when necessary

Training and preparing classroom teachers to cooperate with assistant teachers by the Trust Center

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