The program is concerned with the problems of students with persistent low academic achievement compared to their classmates 

The decline appears in one or more of the different learning skills, such as the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic skills, intellectual processes (memory, discrimination, concentration), the ability to speak, listen, or perceive and think.

Note:- Before starting to assess the problems of learning difficulties, the IQ test is applied to the student’s case, and then the assessment of academic and developmental learning difficulties is started.


:Developmental learning difficultie     

  Related to the difficulties of cognitive and mental processes and the brain functions that the student needs in his academic achievement.  The reason for  these difficulties may be  central nervous system functional disorder, and these difficulties also affect pre-academic processes, such as memory, thinking, language, attention and cognition, on which achievement depends. The child’s academic achievement, and constitute the most important foundations upon which the cognitive and mental activity is based.


Academic Learning Disabilities:

 Difficulties with academic cognitive school performance, and these difficulties are largely related to developmental learning difficulties, and academic learning difficulties.

Difficulty in arithmetic: This difficulty affects the individual's ability to acquire arithmetic skills. Students who suffer from this difficulty are characterized by a lack of audio or visual perception of numbers, and difficulties in understanding the relationship between numbers. They also suffer from difficulty in performing arithmetic operations.


Movement difficulties: These difficulties include a sensory disturbance such as balance, and compatibility between the performance of sight and hand, that is, the student's inability to control and coordinate simple movements.


Difficulty reading: Students who suffer from this difficulty show a low ability to acquire reading and writing skills. Among the manifestations of reading difficulties: difficulties in reading comprehension, difficulty in spelling, and inaccuracy in reading.

Attention and concentration disorders: Disorders in attention and concentration appear through the distraction of the mind and its great sensitivity to external stimuli


The center’s services are represented in individual sessions by special education specialists specialized in developing the skills of the aforementioned fields and through specialized activities after evaluating the student and passing through several tests to identify specific problems and developing appropriate planning and the participation of the guardian and the educational specialized bodies to which the student belongs

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