What is behavioral therapy?

A therapeutic approach that is provided through behavioral laws and learning theories in therapy to control and modify pathological and undesirable behaviors. These services may include techniques such as positive reinforcement, modeling, training in social skills and relaxation skills through faculty members specialists in special education. , Behavioral therapists, the scope of services varies greatly depending on the student’s individual needs. The type and frequency of service is determined during  the team meeting.


Behavioral therapy ensures that behavior is maintained, modified, and/or eliminated. Behavioral therapy at the Trust Center also focuses on the need to understand the functional relationship between the environment and behavior.

Indirect services

-Monitoring and counseling is provided to parents regarding interventions. Data can be collected in different ways to track service success.

-Coordination of behavioral services                               

- Development of modifications and facilities

- mutual planning with general education teachers -

- Participate in collaborative team meetings

- Preparation of the IEP

Developmental field exercises

The developmental field exercises of cognition - focus - memory - attention - pre-academic - academic,,,,,,, etc.

Training to develop independence and self-reliance skills

  Developing the skills of the academic field for learning difficulties from reading and writing to Arabic, English and mathematics

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